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Common English Phrases You Are Probably Using Wrong

Common English Phrases You Are Probably Using WrongCommon English Phrases You Are Probably Using Wrong

By vargasvictory,

1. Behind the sheets

It’s common you hear people talk about what happens in their bed thereby making use of ‘Behind the sheets’. Actually the correct line is “BETWEEN THE SHEETS”

2. I could care less

You’re in a situation, probably angered by someone, in a bid to get back at him/her, you say ‘I could care less’, this is wrong because the sentence actually means you’re concerned about the situation. The correct phase is “I COULDN’T CARE LESS”

3. First-come, First serve

This one is very popular among the Nigerians, because it talks about feeding the monsters in our belly, and it’s a common notion that if you’re on time you would be attended to early enough. the right sentence is “FIRST-COME, FIRST SERVED”

4. Cousin brother/sister

You hear people say, ‘He’s my cousin brother’. The word cousin is a noun and not an adjective, making it irrelevant to describe the gender of the cousin. “SHE’S MY COUSIN” is just about right.

5. Marriage v Wedding

A lot of us substitute Marriage for Wedding and vice versa, whilst this is wrong.
“WEDDING” is the ceremony where you get married and “MARRIAGE” is the state of being married

6. Wreck havoc

You see headlines with ‘All he did was wreck havoc’. Now that’s clearly wrong. The correct phrase should be “ALL HE DID WAS WREAK HAVOC”

7. Breath/Breath

A BREATH is the air we inhale or exhale while BREATHE is the act of inhaling or exhaling


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