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Cultism And The Law Enforcement Agencies


By Uduak Edet,

The fact that man is a social being is not debate-able but choosing who to associate with can either make or mar an individual, right from time man has always wanted to be accepted not only by his family members but by groups, possibly formed by people of diverse ethnicity and background.

Let us look at what ‘association’ means, according to Oxford Advance Learners Dictionary “Association is an official group of people who have joined together for a particular purpose.” When the word “Association” is mentioned the first twitch that twitches the mind is LEGITIMACY. Over the years man has harboured a predisposition in his heart that not every act of legitimacy brings fourth satisfactory result and not every well accepted move always end up successful, so consciously or subconsciously man has bended that part of his thinking.

Now how does this whole preamble fit into the topic at hand?

In every government there are laws that must guard and direct the people in their daily dealings and activities and in other to make sure these laws are observed there must be agencies to enforce them. The law enforcement agencies were formed to protect lives and properties, since life has no duplicate what protects the lifes of the members of the law enforcement agency(Police) and what happens to their families incase they fall in the course of duty? People have joined the secret cult for several reason but two main reasons tops the count after survey was conducted by


PROTECTION: Man has viewed that the world is becoming unsave every moment so in other not be expose to threat posed by his fellow man he has to seek protection from group of like minds who will stand up for his course when situation demands.

POWER: The ability to control people or things or the ability to influence activities within ones environment. In the world today where government and port folios are control by members of one secret cult or occult as the case maybe. Man has followed the saying that “If you can’t beat them you join them.” In order not to be sidelined man yielded to this… (In the society where your best grades or certificate can’t fetch you a job but blood affiliation or association can) this has left people with little or no choice but to get initiated in order to help their families.

It happened in November 2016 when a group of six cultists disturbed the peace of people living in Goldie by Mount Zion axis in calabar, the Cross River State capital at about 9pm, in the cause of this policemen in patrol sprong into action, there was an exchange of gunshots/gunfire, it seemed the cultists had the upper hand so the police fled living one of their squad member in the heat of action, when this happened the policeman ran for safety but the compound he entered had a dead-end so the cultists who ran after him took his rifle and shot him dead, rumours had it that the policeman was a member of a rival secret cult group to the one they were in gun battle with. In previous times in Nigeria “CULTISM” was in the league of self acclaim elite, like the politicians, successful businessmen and people who claimed that they controlled the society, but due to man’s wickedness, greed and dark-mindedness, it was spread to the tertiary institutions of learning, it was yet to be contained with when its monstrous tentacles got to our secondary/primary schools, when it get to our preschools which is likely to happen the world won’t be inhabitable. Why did I say it’s likely to happen the teacher who are suppose to be the role model to these kids what is their records in relation to this societal monster called “SECRET CULT” and on what basis where they employed; was it on qualification or was it on one or the other affiliation?

The black nations are secondary users of English i.e; English is a borrowed language, why did I draw this point here. The words occult and cult are two different words in the dictionary and they way in which the practice of this words are undertaken in this part of the world is not in tandem with what is in the dictionary, instead after initiation young men at their prime of youthful life and productivity are cut down through all forms of brutal killing both in the secret and in the open. Its on this backdrop that the government rose up to say that they can’t codon this act in any of their jurisdiction and this is going to be done through the same LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY. And an elder said “how are they going to succeed when most of them are members of this cult group and even lower in rank to these boys”


Finally, I view that we should allow our conscience to judge us in this world and always ask our maker to direct our every move. The Holy Book (Bible) in the book of proverbs 13 vs 12 says “THERE IS A WAY THAT SEEMS RIGHT TO A MAN BUT THE END IT LEADS TO DEATH.” Let us shun all form of cultism and let our leaders discourage it for a better future. GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR TIME. AMEN.

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