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My Future Partner A Pride For My Future

couple FutureMy Future Partner A Pride For My Future

By Esther Asuquo,

(i) A “Future” is a period of time that is to come.
(ii) A “Partner” is a person who takes part in an undertaking with another or others especially in business or marriage with shared risks and profits.
(iii) The term “Pride” means “a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, or that people connected with you have done or got something good.”

A future partner determines your destiny and how your life will be. He/she must be someone who will lead you to Heaven.

i. Someone who is outstanding
ii. Someone you can depend on
iii. One whom you share interest, passion and belief
NOTE: A good communication is the bedrock of a good marriage.

It is important to know where you’re going in life, before your think of getting a life partner. Every young man/woman should have a certain list (i.e. list of compromisable and uncompromisable things in choosing a future partner. Have an idea of whom you want as a life partner, then compare your wants with the words of God. Never compromise your values and belief.

Marriage is like a shoe. When you wear oversize be ready to drag it along throughout life, and when you wear undersize be ready to feel the pains throughout life.

One thing about marriage is that you don’t drop your shoe or remove it at any point, no matter how painful or how stressful it is. So when you are ready to buy a shoe, first consider these three things.

Do not look for the beautiful ones, or the nice ones or even the cheap ones. Look for the one that is your size.

Not every handsome, wealthy or intelligent guy is for you, not every beautiful lady is for you.

Look for one that is meant for you, the one that aligns with your value and belief. The one you have a positive connection with. Psalm 37:4

All size of shoes are not placed in the same place. There is a place for flat shoes, heel shoes, sport foot wear etc.

We have children sizes, young people sizes and adult sizes. Know where to get your own shoe.

NOTE: Your size cannot be everywhere my brother, your type cannot be everywhere my sister.

You cannot be a Christian, and be looking for a wife material at a club. Your wife or husband can’t be everywhere. Stick to your values and there in you shall find someone like you, but when your values are not defined anyone can just match you.
Discover yourself and define your values.

In this kind of shoe purchasing enterprise, you are not permitted to try the shoe before you buy. I Cor. 6:18; James 4:7

This is why it is important to seek guidance and counselling from people (Elders) and also to avoid wasting much time, simply consult the shoe manufacturer to tell you your size (The Almighty God) Psalm 37:5).

Finally, it not something to rush to the market and pick a shoe because you like or can purchase it.

1. Where is the shoe made from? (Background).
2. What’s the size? (Values)
3. How much? (His/Her interest)
4. How long will it last? (His/Her character)
5. Who made it? (Is he or she of the same faith, this is compatibility).
Remember II Cor. 6:14 – says “Do not be equally joked with unbelievers”
6. Will it match me? (That is whether He/she love you and will accept you the way you are).

NOTE: Never marry out of pity or someone you are ashamed of in public.

Dear one, remember many are dragging their foot and they would hardly reach their destinations, many are feeling endless pains and wish he could pull of the shoes but no way.

I have seen people with beautiful shoes and when they show you their foot, you will see scars.

Beloved, it is not about the physical, it is the size, you can’t know the size from a far so come close, build a relationship first but remember “You are not permitted to try it before you buy it.”

And for those who have purchased the wrong shoes, you can still make it your size again if you consult the manufacturer and let Him have His way in your marriage.

May God bless us all in Jesus Name. Amen!

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