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Ladies, Why You Should Stop Lying About Your Age

Ladies, Why You Should Stop Lying About Your AgeLadies, Why You Should Stop Lying About Your Age

By shumuel,

We all know ladies are used to lying of their age right from time, why they chose to do so, we really don’t know and am very sure they themselves don’t know why but they do so too, every year.

Back in the days, they were always celebrating their 21st Birthday years after years leaving everyone confused, even till they clock 40, when they would now switch to repeating their 40th Birthday till they clock 50 or 60, but with the resent trend they chose any age they feel like, thinking it’s cool or just to break the internet, well which ever reason they have it’s a big turn off for men and below are some few points to prove it.


1. Lying about your age to a man is you building the foundation of your relationship with him based on lies, such a relationship would never last, if he finds out he may be disappointed in you and may never trust you again or ever believe you, no matter what,, ladies, a lie is a lie.

2. When you lie about your age, you give room for unnecessary insults that may be really demeaning to your person

3. In some countries, you may lose your job or an appointment just for lying about your age, as they take it very serious,, honesty is a virtue don’t lose it nor joke with it

4. Lying about your age makes the society view you as a lier, which may be detrimental to you in future, e.g maybe when you are giving a political appointment or you decided to run for an office in Government, your opposition may use it against you, so don’t look at it as a simple thing

5. Ladies, if you most lie about your age, please increase it rather that redusing it, as you all are fund of doing,, it is better to look younger than your age than looking older.

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