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Register For Mending Fences Online Female Seminar

Mending fences is a youths initiative….. It’s a platform where love is defined …

Mending Fences

Our vision is to give your love life a meaning .

Mending fences helps broken walls to become stronger walls The purpose of this seminar is to help people going through certain issues like abuse in relationships to know there’s a way for them .

To enlighten them on how to either break out of the relationship or mend it .

Have you been raped, are you going through sexual abuse or verbal abuse in your relationship , do you practice masturbation and you are looking for how to come out of it ? Then this seminar is for you .

We have experienced facilitators who has gone through what you are going through and they are ready to share with you how they came out of it .

You can’t afford to miss this seminar as your life will surely be touched .

It’s totally a true life story seminar .


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