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Shocking! Slay Queen Demands S*x Openly On Facebook (Photos)

Shocking! Slay Queen Demands S*x Openly On Facebook (Photos)By Eyo Nse,

A lady believe to be a popular slay Queen, Peace Peter has taken to her Facebook account to demand for s*x from her friends, followers on the popular social media

According to her name and friends, she is believed to be a Nigerian

As seen in the photos below, under an hour this raunchy content was posted on her Facebook wall, she was able to gather 29 likes, 37 comments and 1 share

Many accused her of going insane, and few congratulated her for being bold enough to express her current status/feelings online

Investigations carried out by Brainnews shows that there is a possibility of this Facebook account being hack by an unknown person(s), but from the look of things in this incident or drama as you may call it, she is yet to defend her self with a fresh content on this same Facebook account barely after 24 hours where it is believe she should have a closed friend, family member or colleague to inform her of it before this time.

I know many Nigerians will blast Eyo Nse of posting a Photoshop photos. lol

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