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Terrorism: What Is Really Happening To Great Britain?

Terrorism: What Is Really Happening To Great Britain?Terrorism: What Is Really Happening To Great Britain?

By Simon Utsu,


Vehicle collides with pedestrians along seven sisters axis, North London, some casualties recorded!

Wow, what’s happening to London? What’s happening to Britain?

This is now a case of one week one huge tragedy! I don’t know who to blame but that pakistani Mayor should resign!

Someone has to be the fall guy for once, mayor Khan’s head must roll! I think he has been too complacent and lackadaisical in his approach to governance so far and such a person doesn’t deserve to be leading London in a time like this.

On a more pragmatic note, they’re too many Islamic extremists in the UK.

Even in a relatively quiet city like Sheffield, you see thousands of Muslim women wearing Burka’s. It’s only the Muslims from west Africa, North Africa, Iran and the developed parts of the middle-east like the UAE who are liberal.

Those from Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen etc don’t even mix with the rest of the people- they form a country within a country.

I’m aware Bradford has been overrun by Pakistanis, little wonder it’s often called(jokingly) Bradistan.

They import Wahabism into the UK and practise its tenets glaringly in the open but will never allow you practise yours in their own lands on the nonsensical premise of conservatism.

It’s stuff like this that the UK government must seek to break asap because their country would be brought to her knees in the next decade at this pace.

Theresa May should man up and take back her country! Is Britain gradually being conquered internally by outsiders?

Are the famous lyrics of Rule Britannia(Britons never,never shall be slaves…) being demystified? Hmm….

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