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Why A Man Should Be A Leader In The Relationship

In many cultures, patriarchy is the norm that no one will decide to challenge. However, today, you can face the problem, when men give up their positions of relationship leaders, and a woman becomes a relationship leader instead of a man. Whether this is caused by the vindication of the rights of women or by the fact that some men are weak, and they prefer to transfer power and responsibility into the hands of women, it isn’t clear. The article is provided by the site 

How A Man Should Be A Leader In A Relationship

  1. Men are defenders.

Any relationship between a man and a woman is the fulfillment of social roles. Historically, a man is a defender and a provider, and a woman is a homemaker. Every man is essentially a leader and wants to lead, when a woman, on the contrary, wants to see next to her a strong person whom she can rely on. Whether the man should be the leader in the relationship? Executing the role of a man in a relationship, a woman will quickly burn out and become tired, since this is an abnormal way of life for her. Similarly, a man who does not solve problems that his family is facing will not be able to feel normal in society, and his ego will constantly rebel when someone will try to lord over him. Only a man is able to protect his family from external threats and ensure the peace of his woman. Defense is the destiny of the leader. This is the guarantee of the healthy relationship and the peace of your woman.

  1. Ability to take responsibility and make better decisions.

A man by nature is endowed with a colder head than a woman. Men live in a world in which they make decisions based on logic and facts. Each decision is repeatedly weighed and thought about. This is the property of the work of a man’s brain, thanks to which they are able to take a soberer look at things. Women live in a world of emotions and are often driven by them. Their sensory perception of the world can cloud the mind and their decisions are not always right because of that. Decisions that are made on a sudden impulse can be devastating, their consequences are irreversible. This does not mean that it makes them worse. The brain of a man and a woman is arranged differently, and the functionality is different. So, a man’s decisions are based on logic and sober judgment, and they are much correct than actions of an emotional woman.

  1. Women do not like henpecked men.

Women despise them. You might have heard from your women friends that they would like a relationship where the guy would do anything they say. Subconsciously, the girl wants to be under the power of a man and be weak, and, despite this, every day, she checks your defenses for weaknesses by some means. However, you should not take a step back! Having played enough with such a spineless toy, she will lose all interest in it. Such a guy will start irritating her, and she will show nothing but aggression. In addition, after all, love cannot exist without respect, and a woman will not respect her man, being the leader in a relationship. The first man who will “put her in place” is guaranteed to become a god in her eyes, to whom she will begin to bow, forgetting her weak-willed partner. A guy who is under the authority of a girl loses himself, his individuality and free will. How to be the leader in a relationship? Don’t be a henpecked man.

  1. The absence of unnecessary disputes.

When you are a leader and an unquestioned authority in the eyes of your girl, you will not have any disputes about the decisions that you have made. There will be no conflicts. Of course, you must take the opinion of your girlfriend into account and not be a tyrant who doesn’t care about her thoughts. However, you have the last word. The decisions taken will be a priori right for her because she cannot question her man’s decisions.


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