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Young Nigerian Lady Who Wants To Create 1,000 Millionaires(Team 1,000 Millionaires)

Molly EkanemA young Nigerian lady Miss Molly Ephraim, the founder of Team 1 Vision as told Brainnews NG why she founded the organisation that will raise 1,000 millionaires in Nigeria before the year 2020. In an exclusive chat with Brainnews NG Miss Ephraim said that she decided to become an entrepreneur due to poverty and unemployment in the country.

The Trevo ambassador, said that when she looked at where she came from (her family background), she was pushed to make a difference in the society by stamping out poverty from her family and society with her ideas.

She also added that due to the high rate of unemployment in the country and the continuous passing out of young Nigerian youths from the higher institution without job opportunities, she was moved to make a difference by creating employment for herself and people around her.

“Team 1 vision is an organization that train and grow successful entrepreneurs to become millionaires and stay on that status. Our focus is on one goal, which is building a large community of informed individuals who are ready to operate on the power of leverage, helping each other to succeed.”

Their mission is to eradicate poverty and unemployment among the youths most especially, while their vision is to build a large community of millionaires with our 1,000 millionaires project which was unveiled on March this year.

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